The Seed

The  Seed The seed was planted and it grew little by little. The change in my mom was incredible, she quit smoking on the spot and was always joyful. My dad quit smoking and drinking for the most part. I realize as I am writing that my memories from when I was five until I got out of […]

I Want That

My dad said… whatever it is that you have, I want that! I want to have the same peace and feel the same love. And so my dad met Jesus and from that day on, I was raised in a christian family. At that time I was five, and I invited Jesus into my life, […]

Many Years Later

Many Years Later My parents had a rough start, they faced a few problems caused by alcohol. By the time I was five my mom had enough, she could not take it anymore and was in desperate need of a miracle. And she met Jesus… and presented him to me, I was five so I […]


So I was born dead with the umbilical cord wrapped four times  around my neck and purple as a beet. In the cold delivery room after spending twenty something hours half naked in labor by herself, my mom cried a painful NOOOOOOOOOO!! That pierced all the way through God’s ears. You can’t take him away […]