People react to being called beautifulPeople react to being called beautiful

18 year old Shea Glover conducted a project regarding beauty at her performing arts high school in Chicago, which along the way became a social experiment. Here is how People react to being called beautiful. There is beauty everywhere, if you blink you will miss it. I was simply filming beauty and this is the result. Shea Glover […]

People are awesome 2015People are awesome 2015

2015 has been an incredible year. Here is the People are Awesome 2015 annual compilation of the web’s best viral videos of 2015! Go out and do awsome stuff in 2016

Meeting my Ex-Wife

Meeting my ex-wife was interesting. I entered my new performing arts school, walked to the information window and she came in after me. She was sitting in a sofa waiting for her turn. I caught a glimpse of her and though she was cute. We were in the same class and I was too afraid […]

7 ways to practice peace and conquer the stress in our lives by living in the nowLiving in the now

Living in the now is having an attitude of peace and calm, and that is  priceless. Here are 7 ways to practice peace and conquer the stress in our lives by living in the now. I am reading Joyce Mayer’s Promises For Your Everyday Life and today I wanted to share this with you. Living in the now it’s an attitude […]

Attitude of gratitudeattitude of gratitude

Stop the road rage  and develop an attitude of gratitude. My daughter and I spend the afternoon together, we cooked and joked and played. When it was time to take her back to her mom’s it was still peak hour (8:00pm) and the streets were crazy (road rage is at its peak during the holidays.) We […]