7 Tips for better selfies

It’s the holiday season and everyone’s busy posting selfies with their christmas gifts (and loved ones), so here are 7 tips for better selfies from selfie pro Tess Holliday that will help you avoid the selfies you so much criticize.

7 Tips for better selfies

  1. Hold the camera closer to your face (the above angle does not give a natural look).
  2. Avoid direct light or overhead light (natural, indirect light is your friend).
  3. Outdoor selfie? Try putting the sun directly behind your head.
  4. Curves, curves, curves. Try a hand high on your hip, a popped knee, or crossed legs to create some curves.
  5. Lying down? Prop your head up with a pillow to keep your girls in the right place.
  6. Mirror selfie? Make sure you’re in natural light or being lit from the front.
  7. Don’t let people make you feel bad for taking selfies. They can be a fun quick way to boost your self-esteem and show yourself some appreciation. Specially if they make you feel good!

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