Living in the now

7 ways to practice peace and conquer the stress in our lives by living in the now

Living in the now

Living in the now is having an attitude of peace and calm, and that is  priceless. Here are 7 ways to practice peace and conquer the stress in our lives by living in the now.

I am reading Joyce Mayer’s Promises For Your Everyday Life and today I wanted to share this with you.

Living in the now it’s an attitude that says I’m trusting God, and that speaks to people in a powerful way. I remember once I had to talk about a person that I admired and explain why I admire this person. Well, it’s because he has this attitude of peace and calm. It certainly spoke to me.

It is not easy to have this attitude. It takes time, focus and the grace of God to be consistently peaceful.

Most of the time our stress is tied up in our circumstances. We could be stressed because our jobs keeps us always busy or because we hate our job. Or we’re struggling financially. I relate to this one 100%, I had the credit card companies on my back three times a day. Or because we’re not getting along with someone we love, be it a family member a friend or a spouse.

To conquer the stress in our lives, we need to learn to practice the peace that God’s given us.

One way to develop consistent peace is to learn to live “in the now.” We can spend a lot of time thinking about the past or wondering what the future holds. But we can’t accomplish anything unless our mind is focused on today.

God tells us to live in the now, He gives us grace for each day, and is that grace the power that enables and energizes us to do what we need to do. We just need to reach out and grab it.

Every day we need to say, “God has given me today. I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

If you can learn to trust God in the now, receiving his grace as you need it, you can become a truly peaceful person and that’s powerful.

7 ways to practice peace and conquer the stress in our lives by living in the now

  1. Be selective with how you spend your time. Trying to do too many things may end up in doing none of them well. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.
  2. Be prepared to say “no” nicely. Sometimes we take on things we shouldn’t because we are uncomfortable saying no. Ask God to give you the words to say no when you need to.
  3. Resist procrastination. Do what you know you need to do now so you can enjoy the future.
  4. Cut key distractions. You know you are prone to certain distractions. Set some guidelines for yourself.
  5. Set boundaries for interruptions. Schedule “Do not disturb” time for yourself.
  6. Modify your life. Ask God to show you out-of-the-box ways to save time and trouble.
  7. Pray and listen. If you can see that your plan is not giving you peace, go back to God. Pray for peace in the now and for wisdom to make changes that will benefit your life.

The bottom line is to make peace a priority. take practical steps toward it, and let God lead you every day into His perfect peace that passes all understanding.

Pray this:

God, I know that you have overcome any and every obstacle, so I ask you to help me live in the peace that you’ve provided for me. Show me how to trust you as I live “in the now.” Lead me into your peace that passes all understanding. Show me the daily steps I can take to walk in Your peace for me.

Joyce Mayer’s Promises For Your Everyday Life

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