He missed her so much that he was determined to save part of his allowance to bring her abroad with him.

His family chipped in and off she went across the ocean to meet her husband, determined to save her marriage. A few months passed and «flowers and bees happened». She now carried a wonderful human being in her womb.

Eight months into her pregnancy she flew back home, a month later he arrived, just in time to see his son come into the world…

But the baby was born dead, the umbilical cord wrapped four times around his neck.

You see, life and dead are in the hands of God, he gives and he takes, he works in mysterious ways and no matter how determined we are in making things happen our way, his divine plan will no matter what, be fulfilled…


The Issue

We could label the relationship as «intense»,  using a pretty popular word nowadays. They got married within the first year they were dating, then one day he received some news.

He received a scholarship to study abroad, which he of course did not turn down, there was only one issue. He was  now married and the scholarship granted housing for one and just enough money for one.

The issue had to stay behind… But there are no issues with God, God has determined a purpose for every body.



In the Beginning

In the Beginning…

It all started about 40 years ago, a guy goes to the beach and meets a girl. What started as a casual «boy meets girl», turned out to be «boy falling in love with girl». The only throwback was that he was from the capital and she lived in the coast.

He went back home and thought about her for most of the week, would he see her again? Where could he find her? and those sort of «life or dead» questions. After a week he resolved to go back and look for her. He found her and now she was in love too. They dated for a while and were deeply in love.

But there was something he hadn’t told her…