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Bromance break up

strawberry-balloonsAfter a nasty divorce I lost sight of my priorities except for one. My daughter, she became the center of my attention and devotion. There was no room for anyone or anything else.

Even though she was my north, whenever I was not with her, it was as if my inner compass was broken. I fell into a horrible depression. For the first month I would wake up, go to work and on my way back home I would stop at the liquor store. I would drink until I passed out and then repeat. the only exception to that were the days I saw my kid.

After that first month I quit my job, I knew that if I didn’t, I would soon get fired. I had been working for this multi-national company as a collections trainer for some time and it was during that time that I met this guy. He had been through a divorce, he had a kid as well, he was also an actor graduated from the same school as me and we had the same interests.  We became Bros.

The Bromance

For as long as our friendship lasted, we worked on projects, we planned a business and launched a small production company, we fixed the world! We talked about how successful we would be and worked hard with as little as we had to make that a reality. Every bit of time and money we invested in this project.

One day we were screening a short just for fun film that we made playing around with the idea of a bigger project. A girl from my past showed up unexpectedly at the bar that we were the screening was talking place.

She was single and so was I. We figured we would give it a try this time around so dated for a while then moved in together. I knew from the start that it wouldn’t work, but I still did the best I could, it was just not meant to be. One year later we split up and accepted that we would be nothing but friends.

My pride always kept me from asking for help, and this time I was broke. I was still carrying debts from my marriage, I had no place to go and I would not ask my parents to take me in, not even for a week.

At that time I had a piece of crap 1963 yellow VW beetle that used to break down every day. No other car has given me more headaches than that tin. I packed all my stuff in it and drove off. I didn’t call or tell anyone, then one week later my friend called asking where I was, so I told him that I had been living in my car for a week and why.

It was a piece of crap!

Even though I would not ask for help, what he said, caught me by surprise..

“dude, get your shit together, figure out what you’ll do and then look me up”

Not quite what you’d expect from your best friend and business partner. That was the last time I spoke to him and the end of our bromance.

Two weeks after that incident I received a called from my dad asking how I was. I told him that I was now renting a room somewhere (there was no way I would tell him I was living in my car). He told me to come back home until I had things figured out.

I moved back in and lived one of the most difficult times of my life, which I will tell you about next week. Stay tuned…



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