Back at my parent’s house

After living in my yellow 1963 VW Beetle for a little over a week, I moved back into my parent’s house temporarily. At that time my dad had some heavy drinking problems and my mom was dealing with a an illness called Lupus. Lupus is a terminal illness that worsens when the patient is under stress, […]

Bromance break up

After a nasty divorce I lost sight of my priorities except for one. My daughter, she became the center of my attention and devotion. There was no room for anyone or anything else. Even though she was my north, whenever I was not with her, it was as if my inner compass was broken. I fell […]

living life

Life after a storm

Life after a storm is never easy. Throughout our lives we will face many difficulties, “storms” if you may. But none of them are situations that we haven’t been prepared for. You may be going through a divorce, a break up or looking for a job because you just got fired. Mourning the loss of a […]

Meeting my Ex-Wife

Meeting my ex-wife was interesting. I entered my new performing arts school, walked to the information window and she came in after me. She was sitting in a sofa waiting for her turn. I caught a glimpse of her and though she was cute. We were in the same class and I was too afraid […]

I survived high school and got into college

I survived high school and got into college

I drove my car into a light post at 100 mph, but first I will tell you why. I survived high school and got into college. Arts was the obvious major, I was always good at drawing so I took the test for graphic arts. Failed it by half a point in sculpture. while waiting […]