Highschool was even more weirdHighschool was even more weird

Highschool was even more weird time for me than elementary.¬†Remember how my sister had caught up with me in elementary and how we didn’t talk to each other while in school? Well, in highschool, she was quite popular and I was the nerdy looking brother. Coming from seven years of bullying, making friends was quite […]

Seven years of bullying

This is about the first seven years that I suffered¬†bullying. What is Bullying? Do you remember the first person you fell in love with? Kindergarten I do, It was my kindergarten teacher, I have no idea what her name was, but I remember paying attention in class. There was this kid, his name was Hugo, […]

My first day of school

There was a lot going on in my short life at this time… My parents were constantly moving and we had recently moved to this house, up until now it had been my mom, my sister and I. But now we had a new baby sister, it was time for me to go to school […]

Riding together

Riding together was something we did every day. He would get ready for work, we’d take our bikes and we’d ride to the corner down the street where he would take off and I’d stay. Watching him pedal away down the gravel road until I’d see him no more. that was our routine. A few […]

My Earliest Memory

My Earliest Memory The first memory that I have, that is completely mine, not some mental fabrication from my parent’s stories or old photographs, is of me watching tv at our neighbor’s house, eating condiment cubes. We lived in the north pacific side of the country for a year or so I believe, my memories […]