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Dear Andre. Woman sitting at a desk

Dear Andre, I hope this email finds you well

«Dear Andre, I hope this email finds you well. Please come to the office on Wednesday at 10 am for a quick meeting.

Kind Regards

Jane Doe»

On May 11 2016 exactly one year ago (at the time I wrote this post) I drove into the terrible morning traffic. After almost two hours of honking horns hell I walked into a small conference room located on a second floor. It was a sunny day outside. The brightness of the day casting a shadow over an evil Elmer Fudd looking Human Resources manager.

«Good to see you, come on in, have a sit. Would you like something to drink or some mixed nuts?»-He said, pushing a little bowl towards me.

«No thank you.»-I replied, as I saw something come out of his mouth and land in the bowl.

He had a note pad with a pen, a white sheet of paper next to it and there was a conferencing phone on the table.

«Did Jane tell you what the meeting is about?»-He asked as he picked up the phone and dialed Jane’s number.

I am not sure what made me more nauseous, the smirk on his face or the stench of his breath.

«No, I have no idea.»-Of course I knew what the meeting was about and I suspected what the paper next to his note pad was. In fact I had been hoping for it for about a year.

«Hello guys» -The female voice on the other side of the line said. «I hope you’re doing great, so let’s get down to it. Andre, we appreciate all the work you’ve done for the company, specially in the past three years. Elmer, would you please hand him the letter I sent you. Take your time to read it and then we can discuss it.»

Not trying to hide a fake smile, he handed me the sheet of paper that was sitting next to his note pad.

Dear Andre, […]Effective May 15, 2016 your services will no longer be required. […]

-«OK, I’ve read it.» -I said. That was the best news I’ve had in a long time.

-«We are letting you go with a full compensation package and you keep your company stocks.» -Said Jane.

For over two years I’d felt trapped in a dead end job, frustrated and unhappy, running the rat race backwards. The multinational corporate world just wasn’t for me. But I could not afford to quit because I was up to my neck in credit card debt.

-«Well, thank you.» -I said trying to hide the excitement while signing the termination letter.

A world of possibilities had just opened up.

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