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Life after a storm

Life after a storm is never easy. Throughout our lives we will face many difficulties, “storms” if you may. But none of them are situations that we haven’t been prepared for.

You may be going through a divorce, a break up or looking for a job because you just got fired. Mourning the loss of a loved one. Or something as simple as an argument because of a difference of opinion with your mother.

It may look like the world is closing down on you and you feel like running away because it is too much to deal with.

I’m happy to let you know that you have been trained for this moment your whole life and you were not aware of it. Now you have two options, sink or swim.

If you chose to sink, chances are you might end up sinking “alone”, but you don’t have to, you can choose to swim. And if you chose to swim, know that you don’t have to swim ALONE.

Do you remember when you learned to swim? It might have been your dad or your mom or a friend. Remember when they said do this or that and you won’t sink and you believed them? And you didn’t sink.

You believed in something that you didn’t see and that’s called faith. The same faith that’s needed to overcome any obstacle that lays ahead of us.

There was this guy walking on water in the middle of a storm, his name is Jesus. When his friend Peter saw him he thought it was a ghost but Jesus said “dude, it’s me, don’t be afraid”. So Peter said, man if it’s you tell me to come to you, so he did.

That’s how Peter walked on water too, by having a little faith. But then Peter started focusing on the storm rather than the fact that he was walking on water. He flinched, he lost his faith for a second and sank. So he cried for help and Jesus took him by the hand and pulled him up.

You may choose to believe the story or not. The fact is that this story is about putting our faith in God. And with His help being able to ride the storm.

Focusing on the problem instead of the solution will cause us to lose faith and sink. Focusing on the fact that we are riding the storm and walking on water, will strengthen us and get us through it.

So whatever it is that you are going through, you don’t have to go through it alone because you are NOT ALONE.

Once you realize and accept that, life after a storm is easier.

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