My Earliest Memory

My Earliest Memory

The first memory that I have, that is completely mine, not some mental fabrication from my parent’s stories or old photographs, is of me watching tv at our neighbor’s house, eating condiment cubes.

We lived in the north pacific side of the country for a year or so I believe, my memories from this time are six.

My second memory is me looking at dead duckling… my parents had gotten to ducklings, one for me and one for my sister, the neighbor’s dog killed them.

The very next memory is of me jumping over another neighbor’s fence to play with their kid. What’s curious about this is that I don’t remember landing in their backyard nor I remember if the neighbor’s child was a boy or a girl.

I had an imaginary friend, it’s name was Cochin, Cochin was neither a boy nor a girl but it would be either depending on what we playing.

Cochin and I spent most of our time together, which actually makes me doubt if that neighbor’s kid even existed, I have no recollection of playing with any other children while we lived there.

Stay tuned for “RIDING TOGETHER

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