No great Journey ever started sitting still

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Neale Donald Walsch Jack was upstairs working when someone knocked on the door, he went down stairs to get the door, two men in black fatigues and ready to draw their guns at the slightest hint of resistance greeted him. “Come with us know, we can do this […]

Do what I told you to do

Dark bags under my eyes witness countless sleepless nights. Unanswered questions haunt my dreams. –“I guess I was wrong, I guess it wasn’t your voice I heard after all.” Silence… Absolute terrifying silence… –“Screw this” I said as I determined to leave complaining about his silence and lack of response. Suddenly, I’m choking, I’m unable to […]

My Earliest Memory

My Earliest Memory The first memory that I have, that is completely mine, not some mental fabrication from my parent’s stories or old photographs, is of me watching tv at our neighbor’s house, eating condiment cubes. We lived in the north pacific side of the country for a year or so I believe, my memories […]

The secret Life of John Doe

John was twenty something when he attempted suicide the first time. Lights were dim, warm water running in the sink. “I’m ok, just got a little dizzy” he replied to the person knocking on the door. A thread of red running down his finger tips turning the water pink. The music of the party outside […]

39 things I've learned by age 39

39 Things I’ve learned by age 39

39 Things I’ve learned by age 39 Wrinkles populate my face and white hairs are my first crown… that’s some scary sh#t… I am either close to entering middle age or I am already there but in denial. Being lost and unclear at 39 is very frightening, but also not too uncommon. Looking back at […]