The Dose

The Dose is a collection of posts about the lessons learned. Things I’ve read, observed or heard that have played an important role in my life, that may be helpful to you as well.

Riding together

Riding together was something we did every day. He would get ready for work, we’d take our bikes and we’d ride to the

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Getting a tattoo?

I've deleted enough tweets to know that I should never get a tattoo. — Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) August 25, 2014 On a lighter

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Notes on wrinkled papers, tickets from the store down the road, a $10 bill from the coffee-house we used to go to. A sketch book

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Do what I told you to do

Dark bags under my eyes witness countless sleepless nights. Unanswered questions haunt my dreams. –“I guess I was wrong, I guess it wasn’t your

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