About a chaotic moving day

It was a saturday afternoon when my dad walked in yelling “start packing, we move today” then he left. I was fifteen years old. We stared at each other wondering what had just happened. We knew this day would come, we were just not expecting it would be so sudden and chaotic. Some thirty minutes […]

My first day of school

There was a lot going on in my short life at this time… My parents were constantly moving and we had recently moved to this house, up until now it had been my mom, my sister and I. But now we had a new baby sister, it was time for me to go to school […]

Eye for an eye (and the whole world will go blind)

My non-political non-religious take on the world’s latest events If you don’t know what’s going on in Syria, Beirut, France, Mexico, North Korea, Japan and every other country on earth, congratulations! you are not a mass media zombie, but you wouldn’t be reading this either. Remember your parents or grand parents saying that past times […]

If we had breakfast today

A virtual breakfast date If we had breakfast today… We’d have pancakes, scrambled eggs with ham, home-made bread,¬†avocado and fruit juice.¬†The kind you make with the secret ingredient. If we had breakfast today… I’d tell you about the play I’ve been working on and how therapeutic it has been for the cast. I’d tell you […]

The numbers don’t add up

Two men leaving a dim lit room, Anna closing a silver suitcase makes a phone call voice in off – Yes? Anna – The numbers don’t add up. voice in off – What do you mean they don’t add up? Anna – I mean that exactly, they don’t add up. Boris and I counted twice […]