Riding together

Riding together was something we did every day.

He would get ready for work, we’d take our bikes and we’d ride to the corner down the street where he would take off and I’d stay. Watching him pedal away down the gravel road until I’d see him no more. that was our routine.

A few years later my dad picked me up from kinder garden on his bicycle, I was riding on the bar of the bike and he said “be careful, don’t let your feet touch the front wheel.” As soon as he finished the sentence, my foot got caught in the front wheel and we hit the floor. I guess he caught me in mid air because I don’t remember getting hurt, but I do remember him bleeding a lot. I though he was going to yell at me for making us fall and because of me he got hurt, but instead he was worried I might have gotten hurt.

No matter how many mistakes your parents made and how angry you may be at them for messing you up, try to remember those times when they were there for you and know that they did the best they could with what they had. After all their parents messed them up too.


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