seven years of bullying

Seven years of bullying

This is about the first seven years that I suffered bullying.

What is Bullying?

Do you remember the first person you fell in love with?


I do, It was my kindergarten teacher, I have no idea what her name was, but I remember paying attention in class.

There was this kid, his name was Hugo, he had dark skin, big black eyes and coal-black hair, he was the quiet type. We hit it off right from the start, he was my buddy.

We were playing around the big tree in the school yard and I confessed my secret to my friend. I did so because he told me that he liked this girl with curly brown hair and then asked me if I liked any of the girls. “Come here, I’ll tell you a secret, I like our teacher and one day I will marry her” I said.

The next day when I walked in the class, everyone made fun of me. Hugo had come in earlier that day and told everyone my preciously kept secret. This was my introduction to the world of bullying.

First Grade

It was a three-story building, my class was in the second floor. There were four kids, three of them bigger than me. I was looking over the rail to the school yard. Two of the bigger kids parked themselves one on each side of me, the biggest and the smallest stood behind me.

“Hey four eyes” the bigger kid behind me called (I’ve worn glasses since I was three). As I turn around, the smaller one throws a punch at me, I ducked but he managed to hit my glasses. The flew in slow motion to the first floor and shattered to pieces.

The guy just ruined my next three to five days. I am raging now, I grab him by his shirt and pull him to me, close to the rail and pushed him over. I wanted to see him hit the cement floor like my glasses did. I wasn’t aware but my teacher was close to us and did nothing to stop him, yet she managed to grab him by the ankle just in time.

Second Grade

The same four kids plus my new teacher were into bullying me. We were coming back from break and Johan (I just remembered his name) pushes me from behind. My new glasses fall to the floor again. As I kneel to pick them up, he walks by me. I get up with my fists clenched “hey” I yelled, he turns around and land a punch in his face tha cut his lip. I run to the safety of the classroom.

The other kids used to play baseball during the lunch break. On this day after lunch, we walked in the classroom, ready for the math lesson. I was having a hard time solving the math exercise, my teacher noticed it and called me to the board. I did not want to come to the front and allow him to make a fool of me, so I refused. My teacher grabbed the baseball bat and hit my desk breaking it. “What’s the matter, are you stupid?” he said. everyone laughed. I grabbed my backpack ran out of the classroom to the principal’s office. I told him what had just happened. I got expelled and failed that year due to poor conduct.

Same School Second Grade for the Second Time

“Never start a fight, but stand up for yourself”  said my mom when she dropped me off at school that day.

Johan and his gang were now a year a head of me. The bell rang and I walked out of my class, as I start walking down the stairs I hear them behind me “hey four eyes!”. I turn around and pretend to burst into tears, they laughed. I walk back up stairs past them, the stand there making fun of me. I wait for them to turn around and keep walking down stairs. The leave and rammed them from behind making them roll down the full flight of stairs to the first floor.

I am taken to the principal’s office. thirty minutes later my mom comes in. “Are we going through this again?” the principal asks. “No” she replies. A couple of months later my parents move me to a different school.

New School Second Grade for the Second Time

The Survival Guide to Bullying: Written by a Teen

No friends, I try to keep a low profile. My sister whom is two years younger than me and too advanced for kindergarten, took a test and passed to first grade. Now she caught up with me. We are now both in second grade but different classes. She is too cool and we never hang out in school.

One girl, Gaudy was her name, was the only one that showed any interest in me. She sees me quiet and sitting around watching the other kids play. I remember her white perfect teeth, she smiled at me every time she saw me. She was the prettiest girl in the class and she knew I liked her. “Write me a letter” she said. And I did, I poured my heart out in that paper. Just when I signed it with a heart, her best friend snatched it from my hand. she stood in front of the class and read it out loud.

That was the queue for the new bully to come forth and a new era of bullying begins. The kid that sat behind me jumped out of his desk, grabbed me by my shirt, held me from behind and started humping me like a dog. I threw my head back as hard as I could and broke his nose. I ended up in the principal’s office again.

Same School Third Grade

Not a single friend. A new bully. Every girl in school laughs at me.

Same School Fourth Grade

Apparently no body remembers the letter incident. But I still keep a low profile. There was this girl named Aura, she was beautiful and so mysteriously reserved. Every time I saw her I got lost in her greenish grey eyes. After what had happened I never had the courage to talk to her and I never saw her again after the fourth grade.

Same School Fifth Grade

My first kiss

I was coming out of the boy’s room and a girl was going in the girls room. She calls me up.

-Hey, Pascal right?

-Yes (I reply as I walk towards her)

-Come in

I walk in the girls room, she smacks a peck in my lips and burst out running locking the door from outside. The bell rings for a break, everyone’s in the halls. Someone opens the door, I get up to get out. It’s the same girl with a bunch of her friends laughing and pointing at me.

Same School Sixth Grade

Elementary is almost over “hang in there Pascal” I keep telling myself. Only one person addressed me without making fun of me. It was my teacher. I don’t remember her name, but every day she would lay a hand on my shoulder and say “I pray for you.”

Please help stop bullying

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