Self Growth

Striving for self growth

If you’ve been alive long enough then you know that life doesn’t go as planned.

Have you ever wondered why? Do you feel lost?

It’s in our nature to make plans, to map out our happiness based on what we see around us every day. To strive for self growth.

When I was a little, I remember looking up at the planes flying by and thinking that I wanted to fly planes. I thought that flying planes would make me happy, I could fly anywhere in the world, I would be free.

I grew up believing that this was I wanted to be, my dad made a huge effort to pay for my flying career which I didn’t finish.

Years later I found out that I didn’t want to be a pilot because flying is cool. I wanted to fly because I wanted to get away. For many years I ran and deviated from my purpose. If you’ve read about my story, then you’d know that there were a few things anyone would want to run away from. But you can follow my story to find out more about me.

This post is about the plans we make, it’s about mapping our lives, it’s about dreams, not running away and self growth.

I don’t know if you believe in God or any other supreme being, but I do. And I also believe that there is a better plan for us. We are all born with that self growth map implanted in our souls. But we deviate from it because of the circumstances that surround us.

This is why at some point (or many points) in our lives, we feel lost and purposeless. We hit rock bottom and say “the hell with my dreams, probably those aren’t even my dreams” and we doubt.

Doubting is a human problem, we all deal with doubt at some point (or many) in our lives. But it is where we let those doubts lead us that matters most.

Those dreams are our dreams because they were given to us to fulfill. Just because they don’t happen the way we want or when we want, doesn’t mean they are not worth it or that they are not really ours. It means that we have something else to learn before we are ready to fully value them when they come true.

When we doubt we lose faith. Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it.

Whatever supreme being you believe in is way more knowledgeable than you could ever be. It makes no sense to try to understand him/her/ it. If we understood that supreme being then it wouldn’t be so supreme now would it?

Yes it is a scary wilderness out there, but there is a map and that map is within us since before we were born. It’s a matter of reaching out for it and reading it.

Achieving self growth

The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life

Achieving self growth is nothing but fulfilling our purpose in life. This is the difficult part. Knowing what our purpose in life is.

Each one of us has a unique purpose, like the fingers in your right hand, not all of them can be the index finger, if it were so, the hand would be useless.

That’s why not all of us are the same. I’ve had relationships where the other person tells me “we don’t work out because we are different, because we come from different places“. Of course we are different, we have a unique purpose and to fulfill that purpose we are given different tools and gifts. I’ve been in a job thinking about how unhappy I am there and how nothing seems to work out, thinking that I don’t fit in that office because I wasn’t cut to be behind walls.

We go through different stages and live different circumstances that prepare us for what is reserved for us.

I’ve chased the questions whether I am wasting my life in a certain job, relationship, or church. I’ve been deeply concerned with living a meaningful, purposeful life, and I spent a lot time and energy trying to figure out if I am.

To discover our divine purpose does not have to be a mystery, we need to begin by asking what is God’s purpose. What is God’s goal in creating and governing the world? Why does He exist and what is His reason for being?

He gave us the answer

everyone who belongs to me,
whom I created for my glory,
whom I formed – yes, whom I made!
Isaiah 43:7
When we understand that we are here to glorify Him, our purpose will be crystal clear and all the pieces will fit perfectly. We will come to an understanding that we are there for one purpose and no matter the struggles, we will overcome them because we are not alone. In the end that purpose will be fulfilled, it is up to us how much we wan to suffer to understand that lesson.
Ask yourself if in your job, your relationship, your day-to-day you are putting yourself first and not Him and if you are, does that glorify yourself or God?

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