Let go of the people who don’t need youLet go of the people who don't need you

Understand this! For better or for worse, you are the only essential person to yourself and anyone that harms you is an unnecessary load for your journey. I’m sure you are familiar with the “unfriend” option in your social network. It is not uncommon for friendships and relationships to end this way because the common belief is that those who […]

Bromance break up

After a nasty divorce I lost sight of my priorities except for one. My daughter, she became the center of my attention and devotion. There was no room for anyone or anything else. Even though she was my north, whenever I was not with her, it was as if my inner compass was broken. I fell […]

7 ways to practice peace and conquer the stress in our lives by living in the nowLiving in the now

Living in the now is having an attitude of peace and calm, and that is  priceless. Here are 7 ways to practice peace and conquer the stress in our lives by living in the now. I am reading Joyce Mayer’s Promises For Your Everyday Life and today I wanted to share this with you. Living in the now it’s an attitude […]