What are you worth

What are you worth?

What are you worth? Have you ever felt like you are alone and nobody understands you? Like you are worth nothing? Your worth is based on the value God has placed on you.

Defined by grace

We are not defined by our past, our failures, what someone else says we’re worth, what we think we are worth. We are not our accomplishments, what we own, the way we look. We are not the value this world or its people has or hasn’t placed on us. God declared “I am yours and you are mine“.

You will be my people, and I will be your God. Jeremiah 30:22

Why am I telling you this?

Yesterday I went through an ugly situation.  Later, words were exchanged and some hurtful and full of hate. This morning I felt like  I wasn’t worth much. I am neither feeling sorry for myself nor looking for anyone’s sympathy. I am just sharing something that might be helpful for you.

There’s so much power in our words, they can build something beautiful. And they can destroy someone’s life. We must be carefull with what we say and with what we listen to.

For a long time I let my self be defined by what others said about me, then I grew up and I let my past and failures to define me. Then I grew up some more and my looks and accomplishments (or lack of) came into the picture.

This morning I was feeling down after listening to those words, and I was tempted to believe them. But then I read about our worth and how our worth is based on the value God has placed on us.

What’s really interesting is that we didn’t choose God. We might not even choose ourselves if we could. But we were chosen.

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit-fruit that will last. John 15:16

But not only are we chosen by God, we were purchased a great cost, our worth was sealed by love and mercy. Our lives are defined by His grace alone.

What’s Grace?

Many people get confused between mercy and grace. I’ve found that the best way to explain them is with this example:

Imagine that you are speeding down the highway and you get pulled over by the police. The officer tells you that you were speeding and gives you a ticket. That is justice. Getting what you deserve for your actions.

Now, imagine that you are speeding down the highway and you get pulled over by the police. The officer tells you that you shouldn’t be speeding, he asks you not to speed again and lets you go without a ticket. That is mercy. NOT getting what you deserve for your actions.

The same officer pulls you over for speeding, gives you a ticket. But this the officer takes the ticket back, lets you go  with a warning and asks you not to do it again and also pays for the ticket. This is grace. Receiving something you don’t deserve.

God doesn’t love us based on our performance, potential, religious effort, promises, family name or best intentions.

And in spite of our wounds, stains and shame, He chose us, He chose us because he saw His image in us. And decided we were worth a rescue mission of love that would need the dead of his own son.

As a father I can’t imagine how it would be to let my kid die so tha others can be saved.

Our worth

Our value rests in this truth alone: By grace we are loved children of God but the enemy will not just let us go that easy. He will remind us every day of whom we used to be and will try to steal that grace from us.

God loved us so much that He swooped into our story and bought us by crushing His innocent Son, setting us free and redeeming us forever. That’s how much we are worth.

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