where did I go wrong?

Where did I go wrong?

Sure enough, I am not the only one that has pondered about everything that’s been lost. and asked my self “where did I go wrong?”

More than once. In fact the last time was last night and before that, pretty much every day for the past four months.

I started writing this blog as an outlet, and as a result I stirred a lot of sediments and baggage within. I now have more questions than when I began writing, but I have more answers as well.

A recurring one had been “where did I go wrong?” Up until this morning when I read about a guy whose life seemed full of strange and ridiculous moments. One of which was this:

There was a group of men by a river cutting down trees with axes to build new homes. One of the men lost his ax head into the water. He becomes upset because it was borrowed. Our guy (his name was Elisha), picks up a stick and throws it into the place in the water were the ax had fallen. The ax head immediately floats back to the surface.

At first, reading this story, I was like –what? yeah right,- but there is a lot to learn from it actually. God cares so much about us and about what we’ve lost, that nothing is too small, not even a lost ax head (I say God because I believe in God. You may call it the universe or whatever you want, in the end is a divine  supreme being).

This passage sparked the “where did I go wrong?” question again.

What happened that made me lose so many blessings? My relationship, my peace, my financial strength, my reputation and so much more…

Where did I go wrong?

The answer popped in my head so clear. My life is full of “before and after’s” and this is one of them. My sophomore  year of highschool. But that is a story on its own, which I will tell you on Wednesday (when the weekly chapter of my story gets published, so subscribe to receive the post right in your inbox.)

For now, what matters is the good news and it is that God cares so much about whatever we’ve lost that He can help us recover it. He can help us find what we’ve lost by beginning to look at where it fell.

And So I went back to where I got off track, where I dropped my ax head and allowed Him to help me put myself back on track. We may need to stop doing something and start doing something different. Our ax head is not lost, it is where we left it.

There is nothing impossible for Him, not even defying gravity to give you back the ax head that fell in the water.

What have you lost that you need His help reclaiming? How will you go about it?

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