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I write because therapy is too expensive.

I write because therapy is too expensive.

Actually, writing is something I always talked myself into believing I was not good at. I write because there is a lot of drama in my head and it’s time to put that drama to good use.

I write because writers inspire others to dream of alternate realities. To think beyond what they’ve been taught. I write because it challenges me, because there is something I need to say but I don’t know what the «F» it is.

But one thing is for sure. I write because it is fun. It’s fun to feel challenged. It’s fun to get all the crap outta your head. It’s fun to work to become good at something you believed you were not good at.

You know… writing this made me realize that writing is something I’ve always wanted to do just cause I can.

Hum, writing is actually therapeutic.


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